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Houston Mattress Factory   Services
We offer a full range of Services for all your bedding needs ... from standard to special order
If our Web site doesn't include
your interests/ideas please call us (phone numbers above)
Our most significant Service is to provide restful sleep ... effective sleep-renewal is
a major factor in how you feel during the waking hours of your day
An HMF mattress provides both the support and the irritant-free setting for your restful sleep
Our foam mattresses are superior to any other visco-elastic, memory or foam mattress on the
market today ... no brag, just fact
*... all of our foam products are made with 3rd generation
NASA-developed Visco Elastic (SenSus® foam ...
 the best quality foam available anywhere ...
****   The SenSus®
mattress is physician-recommended  ...   your SenSus®
           that we build to your Doctor's
prescription  can qualify for tax exempt   Status   ****
Please visit our Showroom and learn for yourself that our mattresses really do feel better !!!
While you 'try out' our  Showroom   bedding selection we can discuss your sleep goals ...
will find the bedding answer for 
.....your PERFECT sleep.....
Our Factory can design and build custom bedding to fit any sleep setting ... come tell us about
dream sleep environment ... we can make that dream come true ...
•  we can create your perfect fitting SenSurPedic  Mattress Topper in any size/shape
•  ? a 'special fit' mattresses for an unusual space ? can-do ... check our Products  page
•  whatever your dream, we can make it a reality from   .....Antiquee....to....Zee-Specialee.....
Wanna give your sleep system imagination a fun wake-up call ? see these  pics of some
-i.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g-  sleep systems ... from  fun&fanciful  =>  I-need-one-of-those ...
Bring us the challenge for your 'special' sleep system ... we can build it ... the only limit is
.....your im-mag
Please call us for consultation and pricing on our custom services (phone numbers above)
Ask about our Layaway Plan

* We do not intend for this fact to be taken as a derogatory marketing statement about other manufacturer's bedding products