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Houston Mattress Factory   Products
The Houston Mattress Factory specializes in designing SenSurPedic  Mattresses and the
perfect fitting SenSurPedic  Mattress Toppers for all standard and custom mattress sizes ...
Our Factory creates a full selection of bedding products that combine beautiful traditional styles
with the complete range of
thoroughly modern bedding comfort materials and features
All  HMF SenSurPedic  Mattresses and Toppers are constructed with the
..... Visco-Elastic (SenSus
® foam developed for NASA .....
®  foam is the best quality foam available  ... anywhere ...
****   The SenSus®
mattress is physician-recommended  ...   your SenSus®
           that we build to your Doctor's
prescription  can qualify for tax exempt   Status   ****
Our HMF bedding products stand out among all others ...   and for all the right  reasons ...
•  we use only the best in class materials
•  we build exactly  what you request - guaranteed
•  and we back that up with the best guarantee in the business  ...   * FAQ9  is our  Warranty
HMF Products Directory info introduces the variety and kinds of bedding products that we
are making  every day  here in our  big pink  building
If there is other Product infomation that you  are seeking,  please call us (phone numbers above)
Ask about our Layaway Plan

HMF Products Directory
50+ Years of Bedding Changes       Mattress Topper Sizes/Prices
Antique Beds       Shaped/Specialty Mattresses       Round Mattresses       Adjustable Beds