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Houston Mattress Factory  Company Information
The Houston Mattress Factory began as a Proprietorship (1955) and was chartered (1958)
as  Restline Bedding Products, Inc
After 50+ years we are still providing you with the highest quality bedding at the best prices
available ... anywhere ... we continue to honor and uphold our Founder's tradition of
How do we accomplish this ? ... 3 simple rules ... nothing fancy, just good business sense
•  we shop worldwide to obtain the highest quality materials at the best prices
•  we use the latest energy-efficient systems and practices to operate our
•  we adopt modern and effective production techniques
Your dream  bedding ???   HMF can create it ...
•  a *notched* mattress for your Grammie's   treasured  antique 4-poster canopy bed ...
•  a *custom-fitted*  yacht  mattress for your simply perfect  'boat-sleep' experience ...
•  a *special*  infant  bed for your darling new  grandchild ...
Perhaps you are wondering:
WHY  should I buy bedding from HMF? ... real simple answer ...
HMF produces what you request ...
•  we produce your bedding product to your exact  specifications/requests
•  we guarantee that your bedding product will be to your total satisfaction
•  the Warranty for our products is unsurpassed  in the industry
The only  constraint on what we can build for you is your ...imagination...
•  What is our Warranty ??  well, everybody  wants to know ... that's why it's * FAQ9
•  Visit our  Products  page for more information about your bedding choices
•  Visit our  Services  page for ideas about bedding options
If you have questions or need additional information, please
call us (phone numbers above)
The Houston Mattress Factory is located on the northeast corner of
I-45 South and Telephone Road  in Houston Texas