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Houston Mattress Factory   Bedding Care & Handling
The bed set you purchase from the Houston Mattress Factroy will promote
your restful sleep because it provides wonderfully consistent support
in a completely irritant-free setting
Our foam mattresses are simply superior to any other visco-elastic, memory or foam mattress on the market today ... and we want your superior mattress from our Factory to give you
many years of luxurious and healthful rest ... that's why we are providing the following mattress care
Facts ... to help you  ...'take care'...  of your HMF mattress   .....
* Facts About Your New Mattress
   -->  How your new mattress is different from your old mattress
* Initial Preparation of Your Mattress
   -->  How to prepare your new mattress
* Maintaining Your Mattress
   -->  How to keep your mattress in the best condition
* Spot Cleaning Your Mattress
   -->  How to clean a spot on your mattress
* "Turning" Your Mattress: the Intro
   -->  How "turning" your SenSurPedic  mattress is different  ...  e-a-s-i-e-r  ...  FLIP-NOT  ...
* "Turning" Your Mattress: the Table
   -->  Shows all the steps for "turning" both a SenSurPedic  and a conventional mattress
If you any have questions or would like some additional information about mattress care,
please call us at one of the
 phone numbers  above
The Houston Mattress Factory is located on the northeast corner of
I-45 South and Telephone Road  in Houston Texas